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This page will show you some of the latest, most innovative products of the Setareh Kavir-iran. The Group has always been a pioneer in introducing the most modern products with highest reed and finest density.

Consumers & Producers Protection Organization 2017

Setareh kavir is the only holder of the golden statue of protecting the rights of consumers during 13 consecutive year.
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Persian Star Collection (Hand Look Carpet)

The latest production of group’s Persian Star (Naghsheh Jahan) is the most recent innovation in machine made carpet industry, reed 1,000, ...
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Persian Legend Collection

Persian Legend (Hezar o Yek Shab) the first 1,000 reed, 10 colors, 2 million points/m2 was presented to the market by Khatereh Kavir ...
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Shahryare Kavir Collections

After many research and development, Shahryar Kvir 700 comb carpet collection born with density of 3000 knots, 140000 fiber lead fineness ...
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Shahrzad Collections

Following long running research in department of R&D, Shahrzad collection has been produced as a successor of Harir collection with 700 ...
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Shahkare Kavir Collections

After years of development and experience, Group's R&D unit produced a collection with characteristics almost identical with Handmade ...
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