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Yazd, The City of Tourist Attractions

Yazd is one of the most ancient, historically and culturally enriched cities in Iran. We, at Setareh Kavir Group, feel deeply rooted in and indebted to that tradition and will do all we possibly can to share that culture with our valued clients.

Morteza Ali hot spring

Morteza Ali hot spring, is one of thenatural attractions of Tabas in Yazd Province. This spring is located in tourists rout of Kharoo ...
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Atashkadeh (Atash Varahram)

The current building of this complex is built by a venture between Yazd Zoroastrians and Indian Parsis.   The Building of ...
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Amir Chakhmagh Atractions

«Amir Jalale'ddin Chakhmaghi Shami” appointed as Yazd Governor in Teymouriyan Dynasty Period by King Shahrokh. With the help from her ...
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Dowlat Abad Garden

Muhammad Taghi Khan also known as “Khan Bozorg” was the predecessor of Khans dynasty of Yazd. He created an Qanat (Aqueduct) dubbed ...
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Ziya'eeyeh School

Ziya'eeyeh School also known as Iskandar Prison is a work of “Mevlana Zia'edin Hosseyn Razi”. He found this school at 631 (AH) and its ...
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