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The History of Setareh Kavir Group

Among the companies forming this Industrial Group, Setareh Kavir Carpet was established first. The companies of this group specialize in the production of machine made carpet, dyed acrylic fiber as well as acrylic and polypropylene yarn. Setareh Kavir Carpet and Khatereh Kavir Carpet are the two factories of this group which produce machine made carpets.

Besides providing a brief synopsis of the other companies of this group, this site will put you in direct contact with Setareh Kavir and Khatereh Kavir factories and their products.

Setareh Kavir was established in 1981 and since then has always been at the highest level in the domestic market. During its years of operation, this factory has brought about many unique innovations to the world of machine made carpets and rugs; therefore, becoming the most reputable company of its kind in Iran as well as the world markets.

In conjunction with the group's goal of continued expansion, Khatereh Kavir was established in 1988 utilizing the most modern, and advanced machineries of the industry, and is now offering a wide variety of densities, colors, designs and sizes to the domestic and international markets. Khatereh Kavir has innovated and introduced the first series of machine made carpets/rugs that boast a striking resemblance to the ones handmade. The name Shahkar Kavir will forever be remembered as the first handmade masterpiece carpet of the world.  

Today, in continuation of the tradition of Shahkar Kavir, Persian Legend (Hezar o Yek Shab) the first 1,000 reed, 10 colors, 2 million points/m2 was presented to the market by Khatereh Kavir factory as a new generation of hand look carpets. 
The latest production of group’s Persian Star (Naghsheh Jahan) is the most recent innovation in machine made carpet industry, reed 1,000, 10 colors and 2.4Million points/m2. 
A new shining star in international carpet market.

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